Falmouth HOP Lawsuit Won by Parents Over Son, “George”


“George” the Son of Antonia and George Sotiropoulos Lost the Lawsuit Brought by his Parents.

Developer Jonathan Cohen Speaking at a Falmouth Town Council Meeting Where He Tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to Get a Zoning Change in Order to Expand the Falmouth Shopping Center.  He’s a Resident of Falmouth.

Co-owner Mikelah Liberty, Waiting on a Customer On July 12,  2019.  (She is related to Indicted Michael Liberty).

Antonia Sotiropoulos and her husband won a Superior Court decision against their oldest son, George, in a trademark court case that spilled over into the Falmouth community with neighbors taking sides over the public family feud – leaving George and his wife also wanting in the court of public opinion.

The plaintiffs won a restraining order late last month which requires George to remove all promotional material inside and outside HOP in the Falmouth Shopping Center that suggests the plaintiffs still own the popular pizza house. They do not.

Long known as the Falmouth House of Pizza, George usurped his parents long standing and popular business to sign a lease with Portland developer/ Shopping Center owner, Jonathan Cohen.  In the above instance and an illegal move, George used Falmouth HOP social media platforms to promote his new Foreside HOP  business – giving a fraudulent impression  that his parents are still part of HOP – not true since Jonathan Cohen evicted them from their 40 year location to make way for George and Mikelah Liberty, his wife.

Cohen even went so far as to make it clear that he had no “interest in continuing to lease the premises unless the plaintiffs in the lawsuit transferred control of the HOP business” to George.

Last summer Jonathan Cohen and his business partner Joe Soley lost a lawsuit brought by Ocean State Job Lots, one of its tenants in the Falmouth Shopping Center.  Cohen and Soley had tried to evict the large northeast discount chain from its Shopping Center on a lease technicality.  The pair lost.

Cohen is the developer of the WEX headquarters on the Munjoy Hill waterfront.  He is also in the process of building a massive parking garage nearby with office space as well.

Cohen inherited Portland Glass from his father.  He sold the residential division of the business and has kept the commercial division for himself – thus making glass buildings like WEX particularly profitable for him.

George has served jail time for domestic violence against his wife, Mikelah Liberty.  (See above right photo of her).  His two younger brothers are in the restaurant business as well.

Please see posts dated July 12, 2019 and April 24, 2019  herein for more background information on George and his wife, Mikelah Liberty.