City Names Ten Food Trucks to Relocate off Eastern Promenade


Mr. Tuna Food Truck has Parked Multiple Trucks on the Eastern Prom  to the Annoyance of Some Residents of the Area Who Have Nicknamed it:  “Mr. Tuna’s Parking Lot”

A City Public Health Official Checked the Trucks Late This Morning, Before the Announcement was Made This Afternoon.

Portland’s spokeswoman has  announced the names of the ten food trucks that have won one of the coveted ten spots in the middle parking lot off Cutter Street.  As of June 15, food trucks will no longer be allowed to operate on the Eastern Promenade.  That was because of complaints about congestion, trash and noise from generators from residents of the Eastern Promenade.

The lottery winners are:  On a Roll, Bogs Bakery, Falafel Mafia, George’s North Shore, Gelato Fiasco, Yv Banh Mi, Tacos La Poblinta, Cargo Pizza, Twist and La Mega.

Missing from the lottery winners was Mr. Tuna. One food truck owner today said that the problem began with Mr. Tuna.  There was a lot of criticism of the entire food truck operation on the Eastern Promenade.  That was because Jordan Rubin, owner of Mr. Tuna, parked multilpe vehicles on the Prom.  The Prom was dubbed “Mr. Tuna’s Parking Lot” by some residents in the area. “That’s when the problems began,” the food truck owner said.  Several residents of the Eastern Promenade have confirmed this as well to this blogger.

One of the winning food truck owners said that he was trying to organize the others to appear at city hall tomorrow morning to lobby it to provide space at the parking lot off Cutter Street for all fourteen (14) applicants.  None of the food truck owners that this blogger spoke with supported the idea.

Late this morning a city public health officer ran a check on the trucks, presumably before naming them as winners of the ten spots in the middle parking lot off Cutter Street.

No other details were available from the city.  This is a pilot program and no fee will be charged the first year.

For more background information on the subject, please visit post herein dated May 25, 2022.