“The City Panicked at These Complaints. They are Afraid of Offending Anyone,” said City Employee


Jordan Rubin, Owner of Mr. Tuna, Rallies Supporters at Two- Hour Protest in Front of City Hall This Morning.

Jordan Rubin, Owner of Mr. Tuna, and Organizer of Protest in Front of City Hall This Morning.

Cameron Gardner (L) with his Brother Dylan Gardner (R) Co-Owners of Falafal Mafia at Protest This Morning in Front of City Hall.

A two-hour protest in front of Portland’s city hall ended just after 10:00 this morning with no resolution from Interim City Manager West.  Jordan Rubin, owner of Mr.Tuna and organizer of the protest said West emailed him that she was working on the matter.

Rubin and other food truck owners were protesting the lottery held by city hall yesterday in which ten food trucks were lotteried to occupy the ten spaces at the middle parking lot off Cutter Street near the Eastern Promenade.  Mr.Tuna and several others who applied for one of the coveted spaces did not make the cut as reported in the previous post herein.

The move from the Eastern Promenade to a nearby parking lot was sneakily instituted because of complaints about congestion, trash and noise from generators from residents of the Eastern Promenade.  “There were only a handful of people who complained,” said a long-time city employee.  She said that:  “The city panicked at these complaints.  They are afraid to offend anyone,”  Rather, it appears to this blogger that West offended a whole community of food truck supporters.

Dylan Gardner, co-owner of Falafel Mafia with his brother Cameron, attended the protest in front of city hall saying:   “We support our friends that did not get chosen. We are still waiting for the city to come up with a solution that works for everyone.”

Please visit post herein dated June 1, 2022 for more background information on the subject.

(Following the completion of the above post, this blogger has received word from a reliable source that 14 spots have indeed been found in the parking lot off Cutter Street for all of those who applied.  No official word has been received from the city’s spokesperson on this, however, at this time).