City Announces Revaluation Process for Property Owners Starts in July 2024


The city of Portland Assessor’s Office has established a timeline for the city’s next revaluation for assessment purposes.  This revalation is necessary in accordance with Maine property tax law and the City Council’s 2023 resolution to perfrom revaluations  more regjularly in order to lessen impacts to taxpayers.

Information about the revaluation process is now available on a new website that will help educate property owners about the process.  Property owners are encouraged to visit the site and contact the Assessor’s Office with questions.

In July 2024 all residential property owners will receive data mailers requesting verification of property information.  Next month is expected to be the start of the personal property revaluation process. Visit the city’s website for additional information about reimbursement and exemption programs.

JANUARY 2025:  Commercial property owners will receive standard income and expense forms; APRIL 2025:  Updated valuation letters will be mailed to al property owners; MAY 2025: Informal hearings will be held to address value concerns; AUGUST 2025:  Project Completed.