Business Beat: Chloe Daris Offers Donation Yoga in a New & Attractive Studio


Chloe Daris: "We take you as you are! Everyone can do Yoga!"

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 750)

Chloe Daris knows that there are a number of yoga studios in the Hill area.  So to grow her own business, she decided to approach her business in a different way.  That’s what she told recently in her attractive studio at 68 Washington Avenue.  It’s called Donation Yoga.

A long-timer practioner of Yoga, Daris is making her studio as accessible and affordable to everyone as she can.  She encourages those new to Yoga to join in by donating or not donating to one class a week.  This way attendees can see if its something they want to commit to and follow-through on without a large  financial commitment at the outset of class – a financial commitment which can be intimidating to newcomers Daris said.

For the uneducated about the benefits of Yoga, Daris said last week that Yoga is a chance to slow down and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of life – it focuses on the body and mind connetion with yourself – through breathing.  “Just how we breath, shows how we feel,” she said.  “Steady breathing is more important than what you are doing. We don’t feel so cluttered if we take the time to let go of the needs we don’t need.”

Every experience at Yoga is different Daris said.  Practioners learn to accept themselves as they are each day.  It varies from day to day.  If we can accept ourselves the way we are, then anything is possible,” she said.  Donation Yoga is a drop-in center.  It’s not something exclusive that only the best fit can enjoy.  Everyone can do and enjoy yoga.

A native of Bar Harbor, Daris  worked on a lobster boat for two summers. She has been practicing yoga for ten years.  Last fall she went to Yanara Yoga Institute in  Mexico and earned her license to teach.

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