Amended Complaint Filed in US District Court Requests Speedy Remedy to Mural Mess, Says Plaintiffs’ Attorney, Beal


Amended Complaint Filed Yesterday by Plaintiffs' Attorneys

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 749)

Attorneys for the six plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Governor Paul LePage, et al, filed an amended complaint late yesterday afternoon in US District Court, Portland.   Attorneys for the plaintiffs have said over the past week, that they are asking the Court to expedite the matter so the mural can be returned to the Department of Labor – now – rather than  have the matter tied up in the courts for months or even years.

According to an email message from Jon Beal, one of three attorneys for the plaintiffs,  the Maine Attorney General’s office has filed appearances on behalf of the 3 defendants in the case.

On Monday afternoon,  April 13th, the parties expect to have a conference call with Judge John Woodcook, the federal judge assigned to the case.   Plaintiff’s attorney Beal said  he would be asking for the defendants to respond to the complaint quickly, to permit the Court to make a quick decision as to whether to order the mural returned to the proper place right now.