Bowdoin Students Lobby Collins Office to Support Green New Deal Resolution

Five of the Seven Students Lobbying Collins’ Office to Support the New Green Deal
Resolution When it Comes up for a Vote.

Seven Bowdoin College students lobbied Kate Simson, secretary, for Senator Susan Collins (R) to support the New Green Deal resolution today at noon time in her Portland office. Two students left early because they had classes to attend at the Bowdoin campus in Brunswick.

Maddie Hickida, a member of the Climate Action Club, said they want Senator Collins to support the Green New Deal Resolution to tackle climate change. The group would not discuss Simson’s reaction to their hour long visit, although Collins is often supportive of climate issues. Often elected officials residing on the coasts are more supportive of climate actions than those living in the mid-part of the country, Mitch McConnell has promised to bring the Resolution to the floor for a vote – hoping to get the Democrats to admit it is an unrealistic Resolution.

Collins has won the ire of so many voters in Maine. Her vote on the ACA, her vote for the Trump Tax Plan and probably her worst step of all – supporting abortion critic Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Although she calls herself a moderate, nothing could be farther from the truth. She is a now a bona fide member of the right wing. No doubt she will be the target of women voters who feel abandoned and betrayed by her positions.

“I’m constantly shocked that we’ve been aware of the reality of climate change for two decades prior to my own birth and yet our country leadership has done nothing to actually stop it. During the same time, its gotten harder and harder for folks in this country to just get by,” explained Haley Maurice, a junior at Bowdoin College and a leader of Bowdoin Climate Action. “We’re now facing a crisis that unquestionably demands bold action and bold leadership from our elected officials – and if we do it right we can turn this crisis into something good for the world,” according to a press release issued this morning.