Fire Crew Removes Man from Casco Bay During Snow Storm Last Night


Late last night, the body of a man that had fallen into Casco Bay behind Becky’s Diner, while attempting to cross from the pier to a fishing vessel was found.

When the Portland Fire Crew arrived, a man was located under the pier with no access to him from the top of the pier. Members of Rescue Co. 1 (the city’s Specialized Rescue Truck) entered the water, donned in water rescue suits and were able to swim under the pier and locate the man. He was packaged in the water by the firefighters and he was removed using ground ladder by firefighters on the pier.

Conditions at the time of the incident were snowy and extremely cold with a strong wind coming from Casco Bay. The man was evaluated and transported to an area hospital for treatment of cold water exposure. One other subject who attempted to assist his friend prior to the arrival of fire crews was also evaluated, but did not require transport to a hospital.