Buying Valentine Day Flowers for the Ladies in Their Lives!


If you were wondering where all the men were on their laround noon today – this blogger found them! Many of them were circling the flower case at Hannaford Brothers, Forest Avenue. They were looking for just the right bouquet or plant for the ladies in their lives. Above Conor Alexander, who is a college student, said he was looking for the “cheapest flowers” he could find. That’s because, as a student, he’s on a tight budget.

“I’m buying flowers for my sweetie of 38 years,” said Arthur Johnson, above photo. “My wife would be angry at me if I spent $30. on flowers. She’s a horticulturist.” Johnson, of Swedish heritage, moved to Maine from Brooklyn, NY in 1987 due to an “economic opportunity.” I think it worked out for him.

Michael Cloutier was buying flowers for his 85 year old mother who lives independently. “I get something that will live and not fade away quickly,” he said. “She doesn’t have to fuss with it a lot.” And then he bought a bouquet for his wife of 22 years. Previously Michael was a process engineer and before that, he was in the Air Force. Now he sells real estate at Coldwell Banker.

“I’m buying red and white roses to combine for my beautiful wife, Stella, of 15 years,” said Brian Collins today. He used to buy a mixed bouquet for her, but he decided he could do that himself. I’m sure he can!

Thanks gentlemen for being such good sports. Apologies for the slowness with which it was carried out by me!