Bake Maine Opens January 20th at 118 Washington Avenue


Kristen and Doug Perry, Owners of Bake Maine, at 118 Washington Avenue, Portland.

Marie Jarowicz, a Long Time Employee of the Perrys. Trains Two New Employees; Lucy Wettzel and Satchel McLaughlin.

Bake Maine, a new bakery/cafe  at 118 Washington Avenue is opening  tomorrow. The business is new, but the building in which it is located is not new to the neighborhood.  In fact, the building has been in the Bruni family for generations.  But that is another story for another day!

Kristen and Doug Perry are experienced food business owners in southern Maine.  In early December, Doug was interviewed by Lisa Bruni for a position as general manager of Lena’s Cafe.  However, when Lisa learned of the extensive business background in the food industry of the couple, she offered to sell the business to them.  Lisa and Chris Bruni were ready to retire.  The Bruni family own the building, but were happy to sell the cafe/bakery business to this delightful couple who hail from Wells.

The pottery business on site was also sold to a long-time employee; Karen Dicenso.

The menu is extensive and appealing. The breakfast menu is composed of a variety of “toast” dishes – moderately priced.    The lunch menu is particularly creative – sure to please the pallette of all who dine at Bake Maine. The creataive menu demonstrates the experience and expertise in the food industry by the owners of Bake Maine..  Bake Maine is open from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm seven days a week. It employs ten people; some came with them from southern Maine and others stayed on from the already established cafe.  By the way, their menus make wonderful bookmarks this blogger has discovered.

“I’m glad this is not another pizza palace,” said  “The market is already saturated with pizza.”  ‘Check it out!