Anti-Women Agenda of Catholic Bishop Deeley “Beyond Troubling”


The Chancery on Ocean Avenue From Which Bishop Deeley Wields His Control Over Women.  Please Visit Post Dated January 18, 2023 for More Information on Political Leaders  Proposal to Extend Womens’ Accessiblilty to Abortion.

Bishop Deeley wasted no time in blasting Maine Democrats for their proposal to extend  abortion rights of women in Maine in a boring diatribe from just another “old white man” who resides in the past and cannot give that power up.  Women don’t want a voice on their behalf when the voice is that of  “old white men” to speak for them. Supreme Court?

In his rambling statement, Deeley confides  his “pained heart in the wake of the radical and extreme” proposal of Maine political leaders. Those political leaders were elected by a large margin to represent Mainers; you were not.   Bishop, can you imagine the “pain” of a woman forced to carry an infant to term who doesn’t want that infant for a variety of reasons?  No where in your diatribe do you reflect on that. No where.  

In a personal attack on the Maine Governor that she refused to return in an email from her office,  Deeley wrote:  “It is BEYOND TROUBLING to see how denying the existence of a human life has been so casual for this governor and members of the legislature. Governor Mills has said that the rights of women are not dispensable.  If only she had the same compassion for children.”  What kind of role model is this Deeley guy, anyway?

If only you, Bishop Deeley,  had the same compassion for children who were sexually abused by your clergy, you’d be justified in that statment.  You would have some creditability.  You do not.  Because you have fought vigorously to deny their day in court for those abused by your clergy.  Where is your “pain” for children abused by your clergy?

“One thing that I dislike vehemently about the catholic church is that congregants pour lots of money into the church.  It’s a wealthy  church.  Yet, the third world countries that believe in the catholic church live in poverty,” said Valerie Wisch, a Portland resident.

Stay in your narrow-minded lane, Bishop.  Stop trying to lay guilt trips on women you can’t control otherwise. Stop supporting “old white men” in that goal.  Women will let you know when you have earned a chance to move out of that twisted lane.

Please visit post herein dated January 18, 2023 for more background information on Democrats proposal to extend womens’ abortion rights in Maine.