Arrested Clergy Bail Out After Midnight; Police Release Names of The Nine Arrested


Rev. Christina Sillari, of the Historic  First Parish Church of Portland,  & Other Clergy Receiving Instructions on the Arrest Process at Senator Collins’ Office Yesterday.  Retired United Methodist Minister Jim Gerthemian, is at Far Right.

Rev. Carie Johnsen, of the Augusta UU Community Church.  She Was One of the Nine Clergy Arrested by Portland Police for “Criminal Trespass.”

Rev. Carolyn Lambert,  Senior Minister From Woodfords Congregational Church, Shows a Sweet Food Donation from Someone on the Same Floor as the Senator’s Office. Behind Her is Rob Levin, a Quaker, Who Lives on  Munjoy Hill.  (Neither of These Two Were Arrested by Portland Police Yesterday.)

A Donation of Eight Pizzas Were Delivered to the “Sit-in” Clergy. This Order Was Placed by “Vince” From Long Island, New York.

The Nine clergy arrested last night at Senator Susan Collins downtown Portland office “bailed out” after midnight according to a source at the Cumberland County Jail this morning.  The cost of bail was $60.00 each.

Late in the afternoon, around 4:30 pm., The Nine who expected to be arrested by the Portland Police, received instructions on what to expect during the arrest process and how they should respond.  Jay O’Hara instructed The Nine to carry $60. with them as bail money and how to behave in order not to complicate the situation.  One of the several instructions was to write the phone number of O’Hara on their wrists should his assistance be needed in their release.

Prior to the arrest retired United Methodist minister Jim Gertmenian said:  “We are here for the poor, the most disadvantaged and those who will be hurt the most if this tax plan is passed.” The Rev. Carie Johnsen, of the UU Community Church in Augusta, said:  “I am here because I hear from people struggling to make ends meet.   Struggling to pay for food, rent and medicine.”  (See above right photo of Reverends Johnsen and above left photo of Gertmenian.)

Meanwhile, donations of food were received at the “sit-in.”  A man from Long Island, New York ordered 8 pizzas delivered from Pizzaoilo, at 360 Cumberland Avenue.   This blogger has tried unsuccessfully so far to reach Vince by telephone.   (See above right photo of the deliveryman.)

At 12:33 pm today,  the Portland Police Department released the names, ages and domiciles of the nine arrested at the Senator’s office last night.  The names will be added at a later date.

(note:  The conviction and commitment “to do the right thing” by these members of the clergy was deeply moving and frankly a profound privilege to witness.)

Please see previous two posts, both dated December 7, 2017, for more information on the sit-in at Collins’ office because of her support of the Trump tax plan.