Zoning Change Meeting Set For Sunday, November 16th on Munjoy Hill

City Councilor for District 1, Kevin Donoghue. Is Believed to Support This Zoning Change.

City Councilor for District 1, Kevin Donoghue. Is Believed to Support This Zoning Change Because It Will Have a Ripple Effect on Public Schools in the Area.

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By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,230)

Those concerned about the consequences of a proposed zoning change in the works by the city are invited to attend a meeting this Sunday to discuss how and if participants want to respond to these proposed changes in the R-6 zone; that includes Munjoy Hill and other Portland neighborhoods.

The meeting is set for Sunday, November 16th from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (well before the start of the NE Patriots Football Game at 8:30 pm on NBC against the Colts). The zoning meeting is at the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization office, 92 Congress Street.

The proposed changes emphasize required dimensional standards. permitting townhouse development on individual lots in the R-6 zone and revising parking standards.  The planning board held a workshop on October 28th on the matter.  A second workshop is scheduled for November 25th at 4:30 pm. and public comment will be taken at that meeting. The planning board will hold a public hearing at which time comments will be taken before making its recommendation to the City Council for its consideration.  As is to be expected local developers and the real estate industry are rejoicing at this change, although it will have an adverse impact on Portland neighborhoods.

Specifically, some of the proposed zoning changes include:  increase density from 36 units per acre to 60 units per acre, decrease lot size from 4500 sf to 2000 sf, reduce front setbacks from 10 ft. to 5 ft.; side and rear yards are similarly reduced, eliminate parking for the first three units….

To read the proposed changes, please  go to: http://wwwportlandmaine.gov/1260/Amendments-to-the-R-6-Zone.  According to this site which is recommended reading in preparation for the upcoming Sunday meeting in particular,  the changes will provide for “greater housing opportunities” and “enable infill development” in affected neighborhoods. It’s good for developers and not so good for Munjoy Hill and other neighborhoods.

For more information, please contact Nini McManany at 871-7297, organizer of the upcoming meeting.