Your Support Needed Saturday, August 1st at City Hall Plaza for Homeless Community


A Tech Tent Set up for Recharging of Batteries Due to the City Hall’s Cutting Outdoor Power to Campers.  It  Is Solar-Powered.

You are encouraged to show your support for the Homeless Encampment at Portland City Hall tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st at at 2:00 pm.  This is an opportunity to donate much needed supplies for the homeless community and to find out about other ways you can contribute to this self-sufficient community.

There will be a tent hosted by the Maine Poor Peoples Campaign to accept your donations and answer your questions in front of Portland city hall, Congress Street.  City Hall is shut down for the next several weeks at least for in-person transactions.

Donations are needed for the food tent such as:  morning coffee, Gatorade, soda, juice and clean ice.  The Supply Tent needs:  sleeping materials, tarps, backpacks, small bottles of hand sanitizer, shampoo, notebooks/pens/pencils and D. batteries.

Late night and early shift volunteers are needed as well for the tech tent, safety crews, supplies, food distribution and medic team.  There are remote roles available as well.

Thank you so much in advance for whatever support you can provide to this homeless community at Portland city hall plaza.

For more information, please email: