Attorney General Files Civil Rights Action for Portland Resident


AG Aaron Frey.

Attorney General Aaron Frey announced today that he has filed a civil complaint under the Maine Civil Rights Act in Cumberland County Superior Court against Michael Roylos, 63, Portland for using and threatening violence against a 38 year old lesbian woman in Portland on July 3, 2020.  The complaint requests the court to order that Rolos have no contact with the victim and her family and commit no future violations of the Maine Civil Rights Act.

According to the state’s complaint, on July 3, 2020, the victim was pulling into the parking lot at Shaw’s Supermarket at the Northgate Shopping Center, Portland.  Roylos, who was walking to his car, accused the victim of driving too fast in the parking lot. He then called her an “expletive, homophobic slur.”  The victim replied, “Excuse me?”  Roylos responded, “You heard me, you “expletive, homophobic slur.”  When the victim attempted to record Roylos with her cell phone, he physically assaulted the victim, Roylos continued to call her a homophobic slur.   The victim was able to extricate herself from Roylos grasp and run toward a vehicle with a female driver in it, where bystanders came to her aid.  Roylos’s threats and assault have caused the victim to fear for her safety.

AG Frey stated:  “It is appalling and egregious that any person would engage in violence or threats of violence based on  homophobia.  My office will not tolerate bias – motivated violence or threats of violence against members of the LBGTQ community.”

Editor’s Note:  Some may remember as does that Roylos formerly owned a small, Greek restaurant/take off restaurant in Monument Square. used to frequent the eatery because of its Greek salads.  Roylos got disgusted with all the cigarette butts he found on the sidewalk in front of his venue, eventually coming up with the cigarette butler.  His son took over the restaurant business as Roylos phased out of it.