“Why I Vote Democratic” as Told by Sargent Major Alexander Fiore


Sargent Major Alexander Fiore , 89, Following His Voting Today at City Hall.

A Sign at City Hall Directing Folks to the Polling Place for Absentee Voting Which Ends on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

“He’s a lier and a bigot,” said Sargent Major Alexander Fiore, this afternoon.  Fiore had just finished voting at Portland city hall in the mid-term elections when this blogger met him.  “In my opinion, Trump’s rhetoric and the slaughter in Pittsburgh are connected. The preaching of this nut in the White House has caused a lot of the violence we are seeing now.  Some of the rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth is exactly what Hitler said.”

Fiore, who was raised in New York City and enlisted in the Army in 1946 when he was sixteen (16) years old.  After boot camp, he was sent to  Germany to learn to become an MP.  Seventy-five % of Germany was destroyed Fiore said by Hitler.   He was also sent to see concentration camps set up by Hitler.  “You could still smell the cremations,” he said. Then he went to Vietnam where he served two (2) tours of duty – in 1965 and 1969.

Following Vietnam, he was sent to Pisa, Italy where he worked at an Army base.  He assisted new families giving them advice to make their transition to Italy easier.  He and his “war bride”  Christel stayed in Italy until recently.  “The people are great, the food is great and the weather is great,” Fiore said.   But the couple moved to Portland to be closer to their daughter and her family.

Fiore’s wife, Christel, 85,  is German. “Be sure and mention this on your blog,”  said a grinning Fiore as he got in his car to do some grocery shopping on Forest Avenue.   “Don’t forget!” “Child of War” – a book about living in Germany under Hitler was written by his wife, Christal.  The book is available from amazon for $8.95.  Is that enough, or should I say more?!

“I voted Democratic all the way.  That Collins woman.  To me, she’s a nut.  She votes for the party and not the country.  Almost everything about her disappoints me,” said Fiore.  “I voted for Janet Mills just a few minutes ago.  She seems to be for the people.  LePage is the Trump of Maine,” he said.

note:  This afternoon the city clerk of Portland said that the number of absentee votes to date is about 2,000 – or 3,000 votes higher than the gubernatorial vote in 2014.  That seems to part of a national trend.