Ways You Can Help Afghan Refugees According to the BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE


The Afghanistan Flag is Flown at a Rally at Monument Square. “We Want Our Flag, Not the Taliban Flat” on August 20, 2021.

Millions  are watching the Biden administration as it works to evacuate Americans and those who have risked their lives to support them in Afghanistan – all by the end of August – watching with a range of emotions from concern to anger to relief.  If you are wondering how you can assist these refugees once they are out of their homeland, the BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE, published a list of organizations committed to this goal on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

Following is a partial list of those organizations:

HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST – is seeking pro-bono lawyers to assist Afghan evacuees.

THE INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE RESISTANCE PROJECT – is soliciting donation to offer legal services to displaced Afghans

THE LUTHERAN IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE SERVICE – is directing volunteers to its location-based sign-up page to assist Afghan refugees with travel from the airport, settling into their apartments or providing a meal.

KEEPING OUR PROMISE – based in Rochester, NY, offers resettlement services, including skilled trades training and accommodation support.

THE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS, – which has operated in Afghanistan since 1984, offers medical training and services in the country and is soliciting donations to its emergency relief fund.

THE INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE – is aiming to raise $10 million to “deliver lifesaving aid” in Afghanistan, Local chapters of the organization are also seeking volunteers to assist those who arrive through the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa in their search for employment and housing.

Their needs will be great and long-term.

For more background information on the Pro-Afghanistan  Rally at Monument Square on August 20, 2021, please visit the post herein dated August 20, 2021.