‘Clam Bar Portland’ Grand Opening Next Week on West Commercial Street


The New Food Truck, Specializing in Steamed Clams, Lobster Rolls and Oysters. Yum!

Colorfully Painted Picnic Tables Will Provide Ample Seating for ‘Clam Bar Portland’ Patrons.

The ‘Clam Bar Portland’. with a robust menu of New England favorites, is opening at its 199 West Commercial Street location at noon on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 according to Garrett FitzGerald, owner.  The menu will feature seafood with a South American feel to it as well.

FitzGerald, who owns the Bar Harbor Lobster Company, is opening his long-anticipated business from a food truck on property that he has leased from the owner. The menu will include steamed claims, lobster rolls, and hot dogs. A state liquor license is expected to arrive this week.  Then rum drinks and Margaritas will be on the menu as well.

Although it was a hot day to be working outside, there was a light breeze coming up from the water.  “It’s a great location.  It has an unparalled  view of the working waterfront,” said FitzGerald.

FitzGerald has been working with Portland’s planning office to obtain administrative approval of his project.  “We decided about a month ago to heck with all that.  We are opening a food truck,” said Garrett this afternoon.  The Clam Bar Portland is a satellite of his Bar Harbor Lobster Co.  That means this Bar is under the jurisdiction of the state.  The state has given FitzGerald full approval to open up September 1.

The Clam Bar Portland will be open seven days a week assuming the staffing holds up as is expected.  And it will be open from noon to closing time.  Prices are intended to appeal to area locals.

FitzGerald ran the successful Christmas Tree Gull business at 199 West Commercial Street last year.  For more background information, please see post herein dated December 12, 2020.