Waterfront Development Rezoning for Hotel on City Agenda @ 6:00 PM


A Rendering of the Proposed Mixed-Use Development With the 93-room Hotel at the Center.  Archetype is the Architect.

An application for a conditional rezoning for a hotel for the Portland waterfront is on the workshop agenda for the Portland Planning Board today at 6:00 pm at city hall.  The application was filed by Fisherman’s Wharf Portland, LLC, c/o David Bateman. The property is located at 184 Commercial Street on 1.9 acres of land.  The space is currently used as a surface parking lot.

The hotel is expected to include retail space, office space, a parking garage and a restaurant to support the 93 room hotel that is the center of the proposed mixed-use development.  The application calls for a height increase to accommodate a rooftop bar and reduced setback from 25 to 2.5 ft from average high tide on the waterfront.  The applicant also plans a marine dispatch enter and replacement of an existing gangway, floats and wharves according to the application.  Public access to the waterfront will be improved with a walkway in the current location of Portland Lobster Company – a popular summer venue.

Before submitting an application for a Level 111 site plan, the project requires a conditional rezoning for the hotel above use.   The project also requires an approval from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Numerous residents of the nearby gated condominium, Chandler’s Wharf, have objected to the proposed mixed-use development.

For more background information, please visit post dated May 8, 2017 herein.