Walmart’s Home COVID Test Kits Out of Stock Until Next Delivery, Going ‘Bagless’


Walmart, Falmouth, Has Been Overwhelmed by the Demand for BINAX Self-Administered Test Kits for COVID.

Sign Announcing New Polilcy on Statewide Shopping Bags at Checkout Counter.

Walmart, Falmouth, received a shiptment of 400 BINAX, home COVID tests yesterday. As of this morning, the supply was sold out according to an employee of the pharmacy earlier this afternoon.  This employee said he does not know when the next delivery will be or how many kits will be in it.  “The deliveries are random,” he said.  “We don’t know if there will be 30 kits or 300 in the next delivery. And we don’t know when the next delivery will be either.”

The BINAX tests, made by Abbott, are popular because they are known to be accurate.  Walmart, Falmouth sells them two per box at $14.00 plus tax.  There appears to be no limit to how many a customer may purchase at one time – if you can find one.

Hunting for home covid tests has become an important part of the lives of many Mainers as they face a serious uptick in the number of new cases during the holidays.  That number is expected to increase following New Year’s Eve celebrations and as outdoor activities move inside for the winter.  The recently detected Omicron is said to be more transmisable than the delta variant – adding to the concern of Mainers – alhough not as severe as the Delta variant.

Effective any day now, a new statewide policy will go into effect regarding shopping bags at Walmart.  The store is instituting a “bagless” policy.  That means that starting any day now, shoppers need to supply their own shopping bags because they will not be available at this discount store.