VP Biden Declared President-Elect Over Trumpy This Morning


A Smiley Face on Display in Falmouth Created by Nancy Lund.

Just before 11:30 am. this morning,  former vice president Joe R. Biden, Jr. and his running mate, Kamala Harris, were declared winners in a long-drawn out race over Trumpy, one of the most polarizing presidents in our nation’s history.  Biden, president-elect when he takes office in January 2021, will be the 46th president of the United States.  Harris will be the first woman and a woman of color to be elected vice president of the US.  She is the daughter of immigrants as well.

“We tend to correct for the failures of past presidents in elections,” said David Axelrod, on CNN cable news.  Trumpy was characterized by his critics as a cruel, disdainful person lacking in empathy interested in lining his pockets only.  President-elect Biden is known to be the exact opposite of Trumpy – a man who has said he will president of the United States.  In contrast, Trumpy was president of the Red States – making his disdain for Blue States well known.

“This is a repudiation of Trump,” tweeted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  “Lots of cheering and honking going on here.  Bye Bye Mr. Orange,” emailed a cousin of mine who lives in Philadelphia, PA.

President-elect Biden and vice-president elect Harris are expected to address the nation this evening – giving speeches sometime this evening.  President-elect Biden will be the oldest president elected in US history.