Jubilant Supporters Celebrate Biden Victory Over Trumpy at Monument Square


A Message That Expresses the Feelings of Many Anti-Trumpers Created by Zack Barowitz.

A Procession of Vehicles on Congress Street Joined the Celebrants at Monument Square Today.  The Warm Temperatures Were an Advantage for the Hundreds who Turned Out to Celebrate the Defeat of Trumpy’s Efforts to Win a Second Term.  The Procession of Vehicles Came from Both the West End and From Munjoy Hill.

Marie VeePeter Held up A “BLM” Sign at Monument Square Today.

Eve Raimon, Said She Attended the Rally Because:: “I’m Here Because We’ve Literally Saved Lives Today.”

Moments after the news broke late this morning on CNN that Joe Biden, Jr. is the president-elect of the United State, a rally erupted in Portland’s Monument Square that showed no signs of abating at 2:00 pm when mhn.com left.  Around 500, mostly mask wearing celebrators, celebrated the defeat of the most polarizing president in recent history as they gathered in downtown Portland following a four day agonizing  wait to hear the election results.

The nation has waited since Election Day on Tuesday, November 3, to hear the outcome of the 2020 election.  The national press finally announced its prediction late this morning when  a batch of returns’ results from Pennsylvania  were announced.  In an address to the country last night, Biden said that his candidacy was on the path to victory and he believed that the results would validate that.

That was in sharp contrast to the bitter tirade of Trumpy the evening before when he accused the 2020 election of fraudulent tricks to be resolved in courts – possibly the US Supreme Court.  Many dismissed his claims as those of a ego maniac on the way down from a power place he can’t sustain.

The overwhelming vote put Biden-Harris in an indisputable victory over Trump hate, anger at women, discrimination, immigrants, the rule of law and so much more.  Trumpy is only the 10th president in history to not be re-elected for a second term.

Celebrators filled Monument Square greeting an endless line of cars that paraded up and down Congress Street.  Occupants honked their horns, cheered and showed other signs of support for the transition from Trumpy to the Biden/Harris ticket.  Celebrants were literally dancing in Monument Square and shouting support for the end of the “King of Twitter’s regime of indecency, lying and divisiveness

Honking horns, some who joined the downtown Portland parade and some who did not, could be heard for several blocks in the Portland area.

The celebrations of the defeat of Trumpy and his character reflected in his policies were nothing that many of todays population had ever witnessed previously.  They may have resembled the response to the end of World War 11 – when the free world celebrated the end of a tyrannical regime in Europe.

The King of Twitter has been defeated by Normal!