Moralizing on Villani’s “Salvage Barbeque” Opening on Labor Day Weekend!


Kris Lopez, Bar Manager, Nick Faulise, Bar Tender and Recent Transplant from the other Portland and Marcia Rochna, Offiicial Lemon Squeezer at Salvage BBQ.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,510)

The good news is that the long-anticipated Salvage Barbeque is opening this Sunday, September 1st at 5:00 pm according to staff working at the 919 Congress Street location this afternoon.  This is the third restaurant opening for the well-liked Jay Villani in Portland.

Last fall Villani told that he was planning to open this  venue this year.  He also owns Local 188, Sonny’s, is a partner in Bunker Brewing Co. and will be opening Ideal Bakery at a later date.  The location of Salvage BBQ is the site of the former Portland Architectural Salvage buildling, hence the name.

This afternoon several members of the kitchen crew as well as the bar were preparing for the opening on Sunday.  Despite the assumed pressures associated with the opening of a major restaurant in Portland, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and of people doing what they like to do and for a boss they respect because he treats them with respect.  Is there a message there for Labor Day – just maybe?  Something about Portland restaurant owners or any business owners anywhere  treatng employees with respect?

There is no bad news here – it’s all good news for everyone.

For now, Salvage BBQ will be open every day of the week except Monday from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am.  That schedule will be reviewed at a later time.  According to Lopez, he is starting out with eight bar tenders and that number will be adjusted as necessary.

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