Bakery/Deli Replacing Di Petro’s Italian Subs


Formerly DiPetro’s and Now Owned by Markos Miller, Hill Resident.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,509)

Markos Miller, Munjoy Hill resident, confirmed this afternoon that he and his wife Heather Nichols, have purchsed the just closed DiPetro’s Sandwich Shop, 171 Cumberland Avenue, East Bayside, on the East End of Portland.  The popular sub shop opened in 1944, but the former owners wanted to retire from a demanding, seven day a week work schedule.  The shop closed down earlier this month.

Miller confirmed that the former Italian sandwich shop will probably be  a bakery/deli  with tables for in-house eating.  Still very much in the  concept stage, the plan  is for “morning pastries and an international lunch smorgasbord of sorts, with a range of healthy, local ingredients…an opportunity to have a range of healthy lunch delivery service to downtown” he emailed to The goal “is to not only serve the local community, but to be a destination for the entire city,” Miller emailed  However, Miller is focused on rennovating apartments on the second and third floors for rental hopefully by November 1st.  He’s focused on “restoring quality housig units and fixing up the building,” he emailed.

Miller briefly owned the building in which the Falmouth Flower Shop is located on Washngton Avenue until he “flipped” it to its current owner allegedly because of an offer that couldn’t be refused.  The new owner  hopes to make a restaurant out of the building when he’s “fully funded.”  Miller is a high school Sparnish teacher who ran for Mayor of Portland. He’s a former president of the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization as well.  He writes for the “Munjoy Hill Observer” occasionally.