US Premiere of Adapted “The Four Seasons” Wows East Enders Today


Dr. Emily Isaacson, Artistic Director of Portland Bach Experience Asks the Audience “What if?”  Behind Her is an Orchestra Composed of Musicians From All Over New England.

Dr. Emily Isaacson, Artistic Director and Founder of PBE, With Her Son Levi, Following His Violin Performance with 240 Strings This Afternoon.

Dancers Taking a Bow Following Today’s Performance on Anderson Street in Portland. The Event was Free.

A Contemporary Modern Dancer Cara Burke, 20, Almost Didn’t Make it This Far.

“The Uncertain Four Seasons,” a climate focused adaption of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” delivered in high style to the young and the older asked many “what ifs” to be considered if climate change is not addressed universally..  Today’s performance  on Anderson Street on the east end of Portland was part of the June Festival 2022 –  Portland Bach Experience, Dr. Emily Isaacson, Artistic Director and Founder.

Poet Karem Durdag read his poem created for the climate change focused event  encouraging all to:  “Remember rain, when there is no rain As you told me to follow you on the dry riverbeds You leave me in hunger without telling me  You leave berefit without asking me Should you have Should you have,”  during the hour long performance of the US premier of an Australian adaption of “The Four Seasons,” conducted by Dr.  Isaacon.

Prior to that 5:00 pm performance much of the two hour festival was geared toward the younger generation. A concert by young violinists was conducted under the auspices of 240 Strings.  Both of Dr. Isaacon’s children, Levi and Anna,  performed in the concert.  Before that a medley of show tunes was presented by young members of Horizon Voices.  Largely diminished in size because of the weather delay imposed on the festival from Friday,  the young singers sang with spirit. They were enthusiastically received by the steadfast audience who heard them.

For audition information on the Horizon Voices, please contact Director Maria Belva at:

Watching proudly from the sidelines of the ballet performance by young adults from all over the area was Anna Burke, mother of 20 year old Cara Burke.  Cara, from New Hampshire,  had just completed one year of study at Boston Dance Theater prior to this performance.  And she is getting ready to leave for a job with the Lira Dance Company, Iowa, where she will teach and perform.  But it almost didn’t happen.

Back in 2019 during a performance of the Nutcracker at the Rochester Opera House, Rochester, New Hampshire, Cara suffered a spinal injury.  Initially, the spinal injury was misdisagnosed as a hamstring.  She was confined to a wheel chair for months said her mother.  Finally, on February 12, 2020, just before the pandemic lockdown she received the surgery she needed to enable Cara to return to the professional performance level she’s accustomed to.  “I’m so proud of her.  Her perserverance to push through all of this is amazing.” said Anna Burke of her daugher, Cara.

The East Bayside division of the Portland Bach Experience was to have been held on Friday, June 3, 2022.  However, because of inclement weather it was rescheduled for this afternoon.  As a result of that change, it was several hours shorter than the originally scheduled performane for Friday.  That was because this is a school night according to Dr. Isaacson.   Also, some participants were unable to attend the rescheduled performance today because of other commitments.

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