Urban Dwellings Opens Retail Business at 118 Congress Street Next Month

Tracy Davis, Owner of Urban Dwellings, Prepares to Exand Her Business on Munjoy Hill.

Tracy Davis, Owner of Urban Dwellings, Prepares to Expand Her Business on Munjoy Hill.

Urban Dwellings Coming to Munjoy Hill Soon.

Urban Dwellings Coming to Munjoy Hill May 1st.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,262)

“This new space will support my habit of loving objects,” said Tracy Davis laughing this afternoon.  Davis is owner of Urban Dwellings, an interior and design business on the brink of change. She was speaking of her plans to expand her business on Munjoy Hill next month from her second floor walk-up office in the Old Port. On May 1st,  Davis will take occupancy of a prime location here – a first floor space at the corner of St. Lawrence Street and Congress Street – in the new 118 Munjoy condominiums. She has offices in New York City and Washington, DC.

Davis, from Ohio, studied design and construction at Bowling Green State University.  Following graduation, she followed a young man with a boat to Maine.  Although that didn’t work out, she spent four years as a private chef for private yachts in the Caribbean.  Since then, she started her own business Urban Dwellings in 2005.  She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Boston Architectural College and been  a guest speaker on interior design at various East Coast universities and in private lecture series.  Davis has been the recipient of various awards.

This Munjoy Hill location will give Davis the  visibility needed to expand  her well-established design business. Come late next month, it will expand to include a retail space for items she has found in her extensive travels.   She travels frequently to Paris and Italy as well as domestically –  spending 4 – 6 weeks a year traveling.  Her new retail business will focus on “curated, hand selected home furnishings and decorative objects for small-scale living,” she said. “I love feeling cool things and being able to share them with other people.”  An  “Homage to Spring” will be the theme of her end of May opening for clients.  For now, all of her plans for this event are top-secret and she’s not giving away any clues.  But it will be unique!

Davis has always known integrating travel with a design business is what she wanted to do. She chose the “uncommon life.”  Rather than marrying  following college, she started traveling.  “Living outside the box does cause risks, but the rewards have been indescribable.  I”m lliving my life for me and not by culture’s prescription. Living in Maine offers a quality of life that is unique. Entrepreneurs thrive here,” she said.

“Life is less prescribed here.”

For more information, please visit urbandwellings.com