Upright Properties Litigation Filed by North Street Neighbors Updated


A Condominium Under Construction by Upright Properties LLC at 128R North Street.  WINDOWS COST EXTRA?

A Different View of the North Street Condominium Under Construction While the Builder Awaits the Outcome of a Jury Trial.

Upright Properties LLC has been the recipient of two lawsuits and an 80B Appeal,  starting last October, by immediate neighbors.  All three were reported in this blog previously.

In December of 2020, Munjoy Heights Condominium, located on Sheridan Street on the east end of Portland,  filed a lawsuit against the chatty Josh Wojcik, d/b/a Upright Properties LLC.  That lawsuit was dismissed on June 11, 2021.

In October of 2020 real estate attorney Thomas Federlee filed an 80B Appeal on behalf of North Street neighbors Lindsay and Susan Mann against the city’s planning board and Upright.  The Appeal asks that the planning board approval that came on September 8, 2020 be “vacated” or reversed.  That Appeal has been remanned to the Planning Board by the Court for further consideration.

The second lawsuit, filed by Steven and Ann Kremer against Upright Properties, LLC. in Superior Court is expected to go to trial because the two parties could not reach agreement through mediation. The Kremer’s own property at 128F on North Street.  The F stands for property that is in the front of the North Street property. At issue is an easement situation to the property Upright is developing behind the Kremers’ property.  It is called 128R.  The Kremer’s maintain Wojcik is violating an easement since his rear property development has no frontage on North Street.  It has no frontage on North Street and is only permitted foot traffic to the 128R property.

Wojcik’s plans call for the demolition of 126 North Street.  It currently contains four rental units which the city of Portland can hardly afford to lose.

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