Moss Gallery Expanding to Munjoy Hill Later This Summer


This Space at 100 Fore Street, is to be a Second Art Gallery for Elizabeth Moss Later This Summer.

The Moss Art Gallery in the Falmouth Shopping Center Will Soon be Expanding to 100 Fore Street, Portland.

“The Green Frame” a painting by  Deceased Artist  Will Barnet,.  It’s Available for $36,000 at the Elizabeth Moss Gallery in the Falmouth Shopping Center, Falmouth.  Barnett was a Frequent Visitor to mid-coast Maine and Those Experiences Were Often Reflected in his Paintings.

Elizabeth Moss, owner of the fine art gallery of the same name in the Falmouth Shopping Center, has announced that she is opening her second art gallery.  It will be in Portland and  its to be  located at 100 Fore Street in the WEX complex according to multiple sources with first hand knowledge of her plans.  Moss is out-of-town and currently unavailable according to an employee.

It is anticipated that the new gallery on Munjoy Hill will open the end of August or beginning of September 2021.  It is 1,100 sq. ft. in size.  That’s 700 sq. ft. smaller than her  Falmouth gallery.

The late painter Will Barnet, (1911 – 2012) has several of his works for sale at the Moss Gallery, Route 1 in the Falmouth Shopping Center, Falmouth.  Barnet, who died in 2012, at 101 years old, resided in New York City.  But he spent enough time on the coast of Maine to be inspired by it and that is reflected in some of his paintings.

According to his obituary in “The New York Times” on November 13, 2012, written by Ken Johnson, his paintings were “elegantly stylized portraits classically composed visions of beautiful women and children.”  He is considered a titan by many in the field of painting.

The same article goes on to say that during the Depression, he responded to the struggles of ordinary people.  He went on to work in graphic arts for the Depression-era Works Progress Administration Federal Arts Project. His father immigrated from Russia and his mother from Eastern Europe. He had three sons from a first marriage.  His daughter, from a second marriage,  opened a small business in the mid-coast area according to the same article.

Some  businesses have fared okay during the pandemic.  Many employees are working remotely from home.  This has motivated many to redecorate their home offices in a style of their choice.  This factor may have played a role in the ability of Elizabeth Moss to expand her fine art gallery to Portland.