Upcoming Bangor Rally Addresses Concerns of Trump Administration


April Humphrey, a co-leader of Mainers for Accountable Leadership at the Rally Today.

A Rally in Bangor has been scheduled for Saturday, March 11th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm to address concerns of the Trump administration.  The Rally begins at West Market Square and proceeds to the Unitaran Universalist Society, 120 Park Street for the event itself. It is hosted by a number of Bangor organizations including Mainers for Accountable Leadership, (MFAL).

The purpose is to demand an independent investigation into possible Trump Russian ties and the immediate removal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

More specifically, this Rally is a request for Maine’s Delegation to take action to address Russian attacks on our democracy and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.  the Rally will call for an independent bipartisan investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the allegations of coordination between Trump campaign officials and Russian intelligence.   The investigation must include the release of Trump’s tax returns.

The Rally will also call for the removal of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions after recent revelations that he met with Russian officials during the campaign and lied under oath during his confirmation hearings.  (Senator Al Franken (D) to whom Sessions lied recently said that Sessions perjured himself by that action.)

For more information on this Bangor Rally, please email April Humphrey at:  mfalpac@gmail.com.

The non-profit, Mainers for Accountable Leadership, has conducted several rallies in Portland recently regarding Senator Susan Collins (R) failure to hold a town hall and on the repeal and replacement of the ACA.  Those concerns of MFAL have been covered by mhn.com.