TV Reality Pilot Show Comes to Monument Square for Filming

Virginia, With Her Dad, John Veit, Owner of  Atlantic Limousine.

Virginia, With Her Dad, John Veit, Owner of Atlantic Limousine.



Competitor Charles Dellea with Show Host Jarden Zimmerman (R)

Competitor Charles Dellea with Show Host Jarden Zimmerman (R)

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,128)

John Veit has an important decision to make by Sunday evening.  Mr. Veit, 52,  has to decide to whom he will give the Limousine business he started 16 years ago in Westbrook.  His choice is to his daughter, Virginia, or an employee of the company, Charles Dellea. Mr. Veit wants to retire this year.

This decision is part of the agreement Mr. Veit made with a cable tv reality show last year.  He was contacted by the cable tv show and asked if he would like to participate.  In return, he gets lots of free publicity for his company, Atlantic Limousine & Yacht Charter, Westbrook. One of two Virginia or Charles need to convince Mr. Veit and the show’s host Jaden Zimmerman, that he/she is the best qualified to take over this already very successful business.

Tonight it was Charles’ night to demonstrate his readiness to take over the business.  A four-hour filming session at Monument Square during which he was interviewed as to his qualifications for the position were the highpoint of the filming.  Tomorrow is Virginia’s opportunity to showcase her qualifications, as well of course, as being the owner’s daughter!

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