Demolition for New Affordable Housing on East End Set for Mid-July

From This......

From This……

...To This: Washington Avenue Efficiencies

…To This:    Washington Avenue Efficiencies


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,127)

Demolition of a vacant house  at 134 Washington Avenue is scheduled for mid-July according to Avesta Housing officials. Construction could begin in October for an 18-unit development of affordable rental apartments with the intent of marketing these units to low-income veterans.  However, there is no formal residency preference for these much-needed units in the Portland area.

On Monday night, the City Council approved an Affordable Housing Department District and Tax Increment Financing District designated for the project. The project will also pay a smaller percentage of taxes.  This combination of financial breaks was strongly objected to by City Councilor Cheryl Leeman (R), who voted against the TIFLeeman scolded  Avesta Housing for spending too much money for the purchase of the property, in her  remarks.

The four-story building, to be known as Washington Avenue Efficiencies, will have approximately 338 sq. ft. of living space per unit.  Rents are expected to be between $525. – $675. a month.  On the first floor there will be a community meeting space, offices for building management and resident services, utility rooms, a trash room and bike room with storage. Two entrances are planned for the apartments – a first floor main entry on Washington Avenue and a side entrance on the southerly side of the building.

David Lloyd, Munjoy Hill resident,  is the architect for the Washington Avenue Efficiencies.


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