Trump Indicted by NY Grand Jury in Historic Vote; Congresswoman Pingree Comments


Former President Donald J. Trump is the First President to be Indicted.

It was announced late this afternoon that former president Donald J. Trump has been indicted by the NY Grand Jury.  This is a historic day that many thought might not ever come.  Some believe that although Trump had predicted this day would come last week, he was probably caught off guard by this announcement today. Some reports had indicated that the NY Grand Jury would not consider the matter until the end of April because of upcoming holidays in both the Jewish faith and the Christian faith.  The indictment is under seal and so the charges are unknown.  But it is believed to be a felony indictment with many counts.

According to tv news reports Trump has been notified of the Grand Jury’s decision to indict him.  The next step is to book him whatever that might entail under these unique circumstances..  That is expected to happen on Tuesday, April 3, 2023 at 2:15 pm. This indictment is proof that no one, even the former President of the US, is above the law.

A statement issued by Trump attorneys in response was:  “President Trump has been indicted.  He did nothing wrong.  We will fight this vigorously in court.”  Trump has issued his own statement accusing the Democrats of cheating, etc.  He said he will defeat the NY DA . Bragg and then we will throw President Biden out of office. Don Trump, Jr. responded in a similariy inappropriate manner as his father – trying to put DA Bragg on trial.

“I believe it is important for the legal process to play out fairly and expeditiously in New York or anywhere else.  Like any other American, President Trump is entitled to due process of law.  I strongly condemn statements that President Trump himself and other elected Republican officials attacking the rule of law and once again seeking to incite political violence.  Their provocations demonstrate precisely why this indictment is so important.”

“Where is Senator Collins on this?  Strangely silent,” says this blogger. “Collins is a member of the Silent Republilcans who appears scared of her own shadow.”