Trader Joe’s Bows to Pressure And Adopts New Seafood Policy


By Carol McCracken (Post # 432)

Trader Joe’s Company will implement a sustainable seafood policy,” said an article in the March 29 issue of “Sustainable Food News.” TJ’s will ban the sale of fish that is “red-listed” by Greenpeace, the eco-activist group. But the change in policy will not happen until December 31, 2010.

According to “SFN”, Greenpeace publishes an annual ranking of supermarkets according to whether they adhere to Greenpeace’s sourcing standards. TJ’s scored 17 out of 20, the worst ranking of the national supermarket chains surveyed.

The natural, organic retailer has agreed to do work with third-party, science-based organizations to protect the ocean throughout its entire seafood operation. There are 22 species on the Greenpeace “red-list.”

Trader Joe’s, a California based company, has indicated interest in establishing an additional store in Portland on Marginal Way.

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