Three Suspects Arrested in April Shooting on Woodford Street by Portland Police


Interim Police Chief F. Heath Gorham at his First Press Conference Since Assuming This Position Last Fall.

Three suspects were arrested on Wednesday in the April shooting that killed Derald Coffin said Interim Police Chief F. Heath Gorham, at a press conference early this afternoon at Police Headquarters.

The three are:  Damion Butterfield, of Saco; Thomas M. MacDonad, of Westbrook; and Anthony Osborne of Portland. Butterfield has been in custody at the York CountyJail since the evening of April 26th when he was arrested by the Saco Police Department on unrelated charges.  He remains at the York CountyJail.

MacDonald and Osbourne were aken to the ‘cumberland countyJail and are beind held on $500,000 cash bail.  Osbourne, who was located in an apartment on Parris Street was taken into custody last night at 9:00 pm.

This blogger asked Gorham why such short notie was given about the press conference – about twohours notice unlike other paractices from officials in the cityand state – he answered.  “Poor panning.  We’ll work on that.”

In his first press conference since assuming this position, Gorham made it clear that he is a no nonsense chief.  When reporters asked questions about the investiigation itself, he ended the brief press conference.  If you only have questions about the investigation that I can’t answer he said I will end the press conference now. That’s what he did only minutes before it began at 1:00 pm.