MARCH FOR OUR LIVES – Against Gun Violence – at Lincoln Park Saturday


Lincoln Park, Congress Street, in Portland.

Portland City Hall in Front of Which the Rally Against Gun Violence Will Take Place on Saturday.

You are invited to attend a March for Our Lives rally at Lincoln Park this Saturday, June 11.  The rally against gun violence begins at noon and runs until 2:00 pm. Participants will gather at the Park on Congress Street and then march to the nearby Portland City Hall   Bring your signs and/or photos of loved ones lost to gun violence.  Once gathered in front of City Hall, marchers will line the southern side of Congress Street as far as possible and stand in silent protest against gun violence. Speakers are planned to say a few words along with an open mic for those looking for an opportunity to speak on the subject of gun violence.

You are asked to wear blue, which is the color for March for Our Lives.  Or, in the alternative wear orange clothing.  That is the color of gun violence prevention.  Let’s make national politiicians aware that we the people will no longer stand idly by while our children and neighbors are gunned down.

If you are as disgusted with Republicans who refuse to take common sense legislative steps to protect our children and our neighbors against gun violence, this is a good opportunity for you to be with like-minded people who share your values about human life.  Human life is more important than the political careers of cowards like Senator Ted Cruz (R)  Join others from California to Georgia to Washington, D.C. and Maine protesting the lack of action by national politicians; politicans like the gutless Senator Susan Collins (R).  It’s been said repeatedly recently, but it’s worth repeating:   Senators trust teachers with weapons, but not with books with which to teach. This blogger doesn’t trust Republican politicans.  Forty-five (45) states are expected to participate in this March for our Lives.

As Governor Howard Dean said in a television interview this evening:  This is the only country in the world that allows its citizens to have weapons that can destroy others.  He said the only way to get gun reform is to vote differently in red states – don’t vote for Republicans.