Thompson’s Point Hotel Proposal Goes Before Planning Board Next Week


A Proposal for a 148 Room Hotel on 1.15 Acres at Thompson’s Point is on the Planning Board Agenda for March 13 at 4:30 pm.

Thompson’s Point; The Site of the New Childrens’ Museum is Marked on the Right and the Proposed Hotel on the Left of the Point. Opechee Construction is the Architect for the Hotel.

A proposal for a 148 room full service hotel at Thompson’s Point is set to go before the Portland planning board for a workshop on Tuesday, March 13 at 4:30 at city hall.

Chris Thompson, co-owner of the property with Jeb Troubh, will represent the hotel for the site plan review.  The hotel is being marketed partly as a convenience for vendors exhibiting nearby at the Brick South building according to Kelley Burich, a resident of Munjoy Hill.  (Please see post herein dated November 8, 2017 for more information on this.)

This site was originally to have been the location of a Circus Studies College with a degree for graduates of the program.  But despite the big rollout by the city and the school, those plans never  reached the stated ambitious goal.  Presumably the funding didn’t materialize. (Please see post herein dated August 15, 2013 for more on the subject.)

In 2011, the original developers of the blighted Point, William J. Ryan, Jr., Chris  Thompson, and Jon Jennings, then President of the Maine Red Claws, presented their plans for the development of the almost 26 acres of land.  (Jennings is now the city manager.) It was the original intention to include an event center in which  the Maine Red Claws would play.  At the time, the developers said that construction would begin the winter of 2012 and would be completed by the fall of 2013.  (Please visit post herein dated April 28, 2011 for more background information.)

It is hoped that construction of this hotel will begin this year.

(note:  While out at Thompson’s Point on Friday, this blogger had a lousy “Little Bird” sandwich for lunch.  For $10.00 this blogger had a good roll.  But inside there were only several slivers of fair chicken and several pickles.  Not worth $10.00 by any stretch.  Would not go to BJ’s Chicken Shack again.  The Snapple, extra, was good and refreshing!)