Third Annual Cyclocross Race on Eastern Promenade; 10/13 AM


Ft. Gorges in Casco Bay; Part of the Backdrop for the Race. (Photo taken in June 2012)

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,234)

Once again, Casco Bay will serve as a beautiful backdrop for the third annual Cyclocross Race along the Eastern Promenade on Saturday, October 13th.  Registration is still open for the event, but ends tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm.

The cyclists will begin at the eastern end of the Eastern Promenade and will make numerous loops around a course set out by the organizers.  Paul Weiss, 47,  an expert in the sport said in a telephone interview today:   “It’s a great location for this event because of the varying terrain.  There is pavement, there are hills and  grass.  There will also be several wooden barriers on the course.  This means that racers must get off their bikes and carry them around the barriers.”

There are five categories of racers; such as a junior race, one for those more experienced and several for women, both beginners and more advanced.  For these categories, pariticipants must be licensed by the National Cycling Federation.   This licensing  mostly provides insurance to the racer should it be needed.  The cost is about $40. a year.

Weiss races every weekend in Maine.  He’s even raced against the controversial Lance Armstrong who has been back in the news again because of accusations by his team mates about his drug habits. “I’ve talked to him several times as well.  I don’t know anything about his guilt or innocence.  But certainly the cycling world has been corrupted by drug useage over the years,” Weiss said.  “I don’t use any drugs.  That’s why I’ve raced for over 30 years now.  I’ll give you a urine sample, if you like,” he said laughing loud enough to be heard all over the area.

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