The Porthole Plans to Reopen Sunday Morning Says Owner Following Shutdown by City for Health Code Violations


The Porthole, 22 Custom House Wharf, Expects to Reopen Tomorrow AM

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,213)

Oliver Keithly told just after noon today, that he plans to reopen The Porthole tomorrow morning.  Keithly was inside the restaurant late this morning cleaning  and supervising employees in the same task.

The Porthole was closed down Thursday afternoon after the city’s new health inspector, Michele Sturgeon, inspected it and found that the eatery violated numerous city health codes; including rat infestation.  This was not the first time the Porthole has been found to be deficient in complying with city health  codes.  Two other food businesses owned by Keithly were shut down, but there was no indication as to when they would reopen.

The Porthole has new hours in place now.  It’s open Sunday – Wednesday, 7 am – 3 pm and Thursday – Saturday 7 am – 9 pm.  The wharf is owned by Ken McGowan.