Adams Groundbreaking Celebrates Past & Future of the Neighborhood; “The Spirit Has Not Changed,” Andrea Myhaver


Group photo of some of the speakers at the Adams School Condominium Groundbreaking

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,212)

Thursdays groundbreaking celebration at the site of the Adams School Condominiums was a celebratio of the past as well as the future – some speakers recalled childhood memories of living on the Hill while others looked to the future and the impact  these 16 units of affordable housing will have on the Hill.  The groundbreaking was hosted by Avesta Housing, the developer of the former Adams School, 44 Moody Street. 

Some of the speakers had personal ties to the former school and spoke of them.  Andrea Myhaver, president of the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization, welcomed the neighborhood and state and local officials to the celebration.  Myhaver grew up on the Eastern Promenade.  She attended Adams School and was said to see it closed a few years ago.

The Hill has changed in other ways, she said.  “There are no corner stores any more and families have fewer children these days.  Six children per family was the norm.  But the spirit of the Hill has not changed.  Welcome to our gem,” she told the appreciative crowd.

Mayor Michael Brennan said that his great aun was a principal at Adams and because of her he was a substitute teacher there.  His father grew up on Kellogg Street and relished the opportunity to grow up on the Hill.  We can’t have a diverse community unless there is housing available to all income levels.  The  Adams School Condominiums will create an opportunity for all to  grow up on the Hill,” the Mayor said.

The wrap-up speaker at this hour long celebration  was Ethan Macomber-Boxer. He acknowledged in  gracious remarks  that this has been a long and complex process – largely because it came during an economic meltdown.  He cited city councilor Cheryl Leeman for informing Avesta Housing of the Neighborhood Stabliization Program back in 2008, which eventually made the development possible.  HUD official Bill Burney, Augusta offce, talked about the importance of using old school structures for which there is no other practical purpose for housing such as this.

Boxer went on to say that behind him used to stand an empty, blighted building.  “There will be nothing low quality or tacky here.  We are also pleased to carry on the name of Marada Adams here.  This location is incredible.  One of the most special neighborhoods we know of.  It has a rich history.  It’s near the sea with broad diversity.  We expect these 16 units to sell incredibly quickly.”

Rita Yarnold, bay Realty, is the sales agent for the Adams School Condominiums.  Yarnold said she had already received about a dozen or so inquiries about the 16 units to which she sent marketing packages.  The sales prices range from $235,000 up to $245,000.  Unit sales are restricted to buyers whose income does not exceed 120% of area median income.  Avesta Housing will review and determine the eligibility of all buyers.  Please email or call 207-775-3838 for more information.

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