The New Blue Lobster Singers Invite You To Join Them At The St. Lawrence – 10/18


By Carol McCracken

The new Blue Lobster Singers invite you to join them at their first rehersal on Saturday, October 18th at the St. Lawrence Arts Center on Munjoy Hill from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The only qualifications needed to join the Singers are that you like to sing and have a positive attitude. There are no auditions to get through or any other requirements said Liz McMahon. organizer of the group. Rehersals will be held the first and third Saturday morning of the month thereafter at the St. Lawrence on Congress Street.

Director of the Blue Lobster Singers is Tom Kovacevic. He conducts the St. Joe’s community chorus in Kennebunk. It’s expected that the group will sing Remassiance music, traditional choir music, folk songs and much more. There will be two performances a year with the first one coming in the spring of 2009.

There will be a small fee to pay for the director and music. The more that participate, the smaller that charge will be for individuals. For more information, pls call Liz McMahon, theater manager at the St. Lawrence at 775-5568, x 102.