Business Beat: Katie Capron Owner Of – Katie Made Bakery – “A Sweet Little Bakery On The Hill”


By Carol McCracken

It was a warm October afternoon when I arrived at the front door of Katie Made Bakery and the door was slightly ajar. Pushing it open, MHN was embraced by a massive sugar rush. And no wonder. Sitting on counters around the unadorned kitchen was an assortment of Big Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies and Chocolate Cakes.  A Chocomania’s delight for sure!

 The sweet tooth behind the Bakery is the Hill’s very own personable Katie Capron. In the early 90s, she spent 10 years working at restaurants in New York City honing her skills as a pastry chef. In Portland, she’d been the pastry chef at Perfetto’s Restaurant for three years before she learned that the owner, Walter Lohman, was closing the business. So,  Katie decided to start up her own business. ‘Katie Made Bakery’ sprung to life as a result of her long held dream to own her own business. But it wasn’t an easy decision for her to make. It was a risky thing to do.

While the economy is clearly hurting businesses in the area, this is one business that is doing well according to Capron. During stressful times, people turn to comfort food and that is exactly what she bakes in her ovens on the Hill. “It was the same way right after 9ll,” Capron said. “Business was good. We’ll see what it’s like after the first of the year.”

There is more good news for decadent dessert lovers. ’Katie Made Bakery’ desserts are now available to the public as well as to its commercial customers. Previously, Katie sold exclusively to high-end local restaurants and caterers. But now, she has opened her door to the public – however, she needs at least several days notice to do this. The business is located at 147 Cumberland Avenue, at the corner of Smith Street.

Despite long hours, and all the concerns that go with small business ownership, it’s a decision she’s never regretted. Katie worked in the corporate world long enough to know that was not where she wanted to develop her career. She acknowledges that she’s more demanding of herself than former bosses in the corporate world were and that she’s often a “slave to her own clients.” Some of her commercial customers include Coffee By Design, Salt Water Grill and Joe’s Boathouse. Still no regrets.

The name of her business comes from the reputation she earned as pastry chef at Perfetto’s. Her desserts were often introduced to diners as ‘Katie Made.’ Katie employs two part-time people; one a driver and the other a prep cook. Only she handles the oven, she emphasized.

MHN left the bakery happily with a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie to ease that massive sugar rush! You may call Katie at 771-0994 or visit to place an order – especially for those upcoming special holiday dessert needs.