Ten Yachts Pursue Podium Spots in Leg 3 of the Atlantic Cup in Casco Bay


Some of the Class 40 Racing Fleet Seen From Fort Allen Park This Afternoon.

Catherine Pourre, French Skipper and Owner of Earendil, who Has Maintained First Place Throughout the Atlantic Cup Race 2018, With Her Italian Co-Skipper, Pietro

The French yacht Earendil continues to take the top spot in the 6th edition of the Atlantic Cup in Casco Bay with 68 points at the end of todays race.

Still battling for second place in the Atlantic Cup are sister ships Amhas and Toothface 2.  Toothface 2 is just a few points ahead of Amhas.  So Amhas whose home marina is Maine Yacht Club, Portland,  has her work cut out for her tomorrow.

Amhas had taken second place in the competition until she ran into equipment problems off the New York coast during a “horrendous” storm.  She lost significant time – about l l/2 hours – while repairs were made to the tack line on the stay sail.  Amhas is still trying to make up that lost time over Toothface 2.  The hulls of both yachts were built in Tunisia and the rest of the work was done on both at Maine Yacht Center.

“Today was really good, it went about as we expected.  In fact, we had more wind than we expected…The entire day was really fun,” said Catherine Pourre, Skipper of Earendil.

The winds were variable ranging from 7 – 12 knots of a north, northwesterly breeze, making it a hot match for the ten.  Two of the original fleet of eleven (11) dropped out and one returned to the race in Portland.

Fort Allen Park on the Eastern Promenade on Munjoy HIll continues to be the spot from which to view the final day of the Atlantic Cup racing, Sunday, June 10th.  10:30 am – 3:00 pm.  The award ceremony will begin at 5:00 pm at the Maine Wharf, 68 Commercial Street, Portland.

Please see numerous previous posts herein on the Atlantic Cup – including June 7, 8, 5, 4 & 3, 2018.  Also June 11, 2016 when Portland was first invited to participate in the Atlantic Cup.  The Spanish yacht Tales 2 won that first entry by Portland.  The yacht was owned and skippered by Gonzalo Botin who accumulated 69 points to win the race.  He did not enter this year’s race.