Candidate Cote No-Show at His Press Conference on Eastern Promenade


The Press Conference on the Eastern Promenade This Afternoon Was Missing One Element – The Candidate Himself!

It was a perfect setting for a press conference for the upcoming primary Tuesday, June 12.  Nothing can beat the tranquil setting of Fort Allen Park on Munjoy Hill.  The sun was peeking through the overcast sky. A group of supporters had gathered.

At the last minute a man in a blue shirt ran around sticking a few “Cote for Governor” signs in the ground.  But alas – something was missing or someone was missing – where was the candidate – Adam Cote?

Then Ann Graham, of North Yarmouth, stepped up to the microphone.  She announced that the candidate for Governor Adam Cote could not be at his own press conference. He had a personal priority to attend to.  That did not stop Graham from lambasting attorney general Janet Mills for accepting $300,000. from the womens’ group Emily’s List for her campaign.  Was Cote jealous?  Did it throw his strategy off track?

This money came from away.  “Doesn’t that upset you?” this blogger was asked by a member of the press on site.  No, it doesn’t.  Not a bit.  I’m from away.  And many other voters have moved here from elsewhere.  They have brought their tainted money with them.  I brought my tainted money with me from away. So, I have no objection to AG Mills accepting other tainted campaign funds from “away.”  Does that mean that my vote to support AG Janet Mills is tainted as well? Maybe Cote thinks so.  I believe that AG Janet Mills is more inclusive by accepting me as a supporter of her candidacy for Governor even though I’m tainted! That’s good.

Unfortunately, Graham did not mention that Cote’s television advertisements intended to tarnish Janet Mill’s outstanding reputation. He sounds trumpish when discussing Janet Mills professional career.  At the least, they are misleading if not down right lies.  Do we need that here in Maine?

Others at the no-show press conference this afternoon included:  Tom Allen, Michael Brennan, Jon Hinck, Jonathan Culley, and Brendon Mazer to name a few recognizables to this blogger.  But this blogger did not stay long.  It felt wrong to listen in on a failing campaign struggling at the last moment to stay afloat.  The Eastern Promenade is a picture perfect place,  but not when the candidate is a no-show.