Suspicious Package Found at Portland Museum of Art This Afternoon


A Light Colored Pick-up Truck Caught on Video  Parked Near the Museum Just Before 11:00 am This Morning.  Police Are Looking for the Driver Today of this Vehicle.

The Man Caught on Video Placing a Package in the Vestibule of the Portland Museum of Art Today.

The Light Colored Pickup Truck Caught on Video  Seen Parked Near the Museum Just Before 11:00 am This Morning.

A suspicious package made up of feathers surrounding a box along with a spray painted message was found by employees of the Portland Museum of Art, located at 7 Congress Square Plaza at 3:00 pm on Saturday, January 23, 2021.

Out of an abundance of caution the roads around Congress Square Plaza were closed to vehicle and foot traffic and some businesses were evacuated until the contents of the package could be ascertained.  A Hazardous Division Team from the Portland Police Department was called to the scene and they examined the package and determined that it was not an explosive device.

The contents of the package can be described as concerning and a criminal investigation is  currently underway to determined who placed the package and the motivation for this act.  The word “BALM” was spray painted on the sidewalk.  We are not releasing any further information regarding the contents of the package at this time.

A review of surveillance video caught a light colored pick truck turning from High Street into Free Street and park near the Museum just before 11:00 am. this morning.  The man driving the truck then carried the package to the Museum, placed it in the vestibule and left driving down Free Street.

If anyone has any information that could help Police solve this crime, please call (207) 874-8575.