Getting Ready to Celebrate “Be Kind” Week is Principal Peter Harrison


Peter Harrison, Principal of Eliot Elementary School, With a Book: “BE KIND.”

Peter Harrison, Principal, at Eliot Elementary School, Selected “BE KIND” – a Picture Book to Celebrate the Upcoming “Be Kind” Day – February 17, 2021. It’s by the Award Winning Author Pat Z. Miller.

“Students are isolated from their peers.  This creates challenges for families who are working with their schedules,” said Peter Harrison Ph.D., principal of the Eliot Elementary School, Eliot.  A many-year educator, he began his career as an educator at Woodford West Education Center – for students with mental and physical disabilities where he worked for one year.  Harrison said he loved that job as he does his current position at Eliot Elementary School.

Harrison, a Yarmouth native, was selecting a book from a local bookstore to read to his young students about being kind to each other during this pandemic when their lives and those of their families are turned upside down and sometimes inside out.

The three  year old picture book “BE KIND” asks children to think about what it means to be kind to each other.  It’s a picture book about the power of kindness and  how simple acts of kindness can change the world.

Peter Harrison was preparing early to celebrate the annual BE KIND week that runs from Sunday, February 14 – Saturday, February 20, 2021.  Random Acts of Kindness, with an on-line presence, lists numerous ways in which children can participate and make this week a part of their daily lives, not just an annual event.

“Make kindness the norm,” said Peter Harrison, Ph.D.   “Not the exception.”  Harrison said that his teachers are providing quality learning experiences for students at Eliot Elementary School.  The School is functioning 2/3 in person and 1/3 remotely.  “I think families and teachers are trying so hard to find a silver lining in all of this.  We are looking for the silver lining to inform our next steps – moving forward,” he said.