CORRECTION: Walk the Eastern Promenade TRAIL With Historian Herb Adams; 8/27


Fall is Coming to the Eastern Promenade

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 557)

The public is  invited to take a walk with historian Herb Adams on the Eastern Promenade TRAIL to learn a bit of history about this historically significant  location.   The walk takes place on Friday, August 27 between 5:30 – 6:30 pm.   The event is sponsored by Portland Trails.

“There are few places in Portland where you can cover 400 years of history in a one mile walk.  Eastern Prom Trails is one of them!  Tour covers India Street, Commercial Street, Fort Gorges, Ft. Scannel, lighthouses in the harbor, WWII forts, South Portland Shipyards, Ft. Burrowes, grain elevators, Portland Company, Longfellow’ birth place, the Great Eastern steam ship, Victoria Wharf and the Prince of Whales,” said a corrected press release just received from Portland Trails.

Herb Adams is a former State Representative serving District 119 which includes the Parkside and Bayside neighborhoods of Portland.   Rep. Adams’ major initiative in the 121 st Legislature created on ongoing stakeholder’s group to design the first “no discharge zone” for Maine’s coast, preventing wastewater dumping by large cruise ships that visit Maine’s coast in ever growing numbers.   He is a noted  historian who has written on Maine history extensively.  Adams gave a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence  in this year’s Fourth of July celebration on the Eastern Prom with the Portland Symphony Orchestera.  Adams is an instructor in Maine Government and Civics at the University of Southern Maine, Portland.

Meet at Ocean Gateway on the Eastern Promenade just after the intersection of India and Commercial Streets.  The event is free for Portland Trails members; $5. suggested donation for non-members ($5. can go toward new or renewed membership.) RESERVATIONS REQUESTED.   Call Portland Trails at 775-2411.

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Editor’s Note:  Ben Chipman, of Mayo Street, is running for the District 119 seat vacated because  of  “term-limit restrictions” by Herb Adams.  Chipman is running on the independent ticket.

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  1. I am looking for the name of the museum that used to be at the corner of Cotton Street and Free. I think it was something like The Bosworth, could you help
    Thank You

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the inquiry, but I’ve never heard of it. Perhaps the Maine Historical Society, Congress Street, Portland could help you.

      Good Luck,

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