FOOD NEWS: Courtesy of “Sustainable Food News,” Published by Dan McGovern.


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 556)

The “Supermarket Guru,” said today on the NBC Today show, “that sales of food promoted as ‘local’ will stat to decline as suppliers increasingly misrepresent the marketing claim – a situtation similar to the organic food category’s experience as of late.”

Phil Lempert, went on to say that he’s been in the field interviewing experts in various segments of the food industry and:  “One thing is perfectly clear to me, it is the beginning of the end of ‘local.’  He went on to say:  “Well, we believe that misunderstanding and misrepresentation of what ‘local’ really is and means will cost similar sales erosion in this, the latest food trend.”  He  says “the organic food category has lost sales thanks to higher prices for those foods and The Great Depression,which has  turned some consumers off from paying more for organics.”

The above excerpt came courtesy of “Sustainable Food News,” published by Hill resident Dan McGovern.  It’s the largest on-line only, daily organic newsletter to the organic food industry.  Please call 207 – 749 – 5249 for more information.