State Theatre Debate Changes Time to Accommodate City Council; Tonight


By Carol McCracken (Post # 896)

If you’ve been as confused as has, listen up!

The mayoral debate for tonight at the State Theatre, Congress Street, has been moved up an hour to accommodate the the city council meeting that always falls on the first Monday of the month. The subject is on arts in Portland – issues and policies related to city arts, culture and music.

Originally, the State Theatre scheduled the debate for 7 – 9 pm. tonight. However, upon learning of the conflict with the city council meeting, the time was changed to accommodate the conflict. The debate for tonight runs from 6 – 8 pm with doors opening at 5 pm.

At 7 pm or shortly thereafter, the city council members who are running for mayor will leave the debate to attend the city council meeting which starts at 7 pm., its usual time. They are Mayor Nick Mavadones and councilors Jill Duson and David Marshall.

Jennifer Hutchins, one of the organizers of the debate, said that when the city council members leave, that could well be the end of the debate.

All clear now?!