City Starts Annual Holiday Tree Search; To Be Decorated 11/25


By Carol McCracken (Post # 895)

The annual search for a the perfect tree to celebrate the holiday season has begun according to a press release from Portland’s Downtown District.

Wanted is a 40-foot well0-rounded tree to be decorated with hundreds of LED lights and it will be installed at Monument Square in downtown Portland for the holiday season.

“Each year we look for a sately and well-ronded tree within 10 miles of Portland that a resident needs to have taken down. If seleted, the tree will be cut down and transported downtoan at no cost to the home owner,” said Portland City Arborist Jeff Tarling.

Submissions should be sent to with a picture of the tree and the address and phone number of the owner. You can also mail a picture and contact information to Portland’s Downtown District, 549 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101

Rich Charette and the Bumblegum band will perform and a very special guest will light the tree.

For more information, please visit or call (207) 772-6828.

2 thoughts on “City Starts Annual Holiday Tree Search; To Be Decorated 11/25

  1. I have a beautiful tree in my front yard that will have to be removed at some point because of a space problem. I am not sure how tall it is, but it was around 4 feet tall when I moved here in 1997.
    I can send a picture if you might be interested. I live in Falmouth. You can reach me at 207-781-2129 or cell 318-7334. I live on Woodville Rd #45 across from the middle school. The tree is in the center of the front lawn.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thanks very much for that message. However, please contact the city directly as mentioned, not, to make arrangements for this!

      Good Luck,

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