Hill Company Introduces ME Food & Beverages to Huge Market in Shanghai

Jake DeLois & Liz DeLois, His Sister-in-Law on Munjoy Hill Earlier This  Week.

Jake DeLois, 30,  & Liz DeLois, 33,  His Sister-in-Law on Munjoy Hill Earlier This Week – Talking About Their New Venture Under The Edible Group., the Parent Company That Jake Started and Owns.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,442)

The Chinese love beer.   Portlanders love beer.  It helps that  Portland is the center of the booming craft brew business in Maine with a growing reputation across the country.  And soon, Portland will be quenching the thirst for quality beer of residents of Shanghai; a city of over 24 million people. That’s because the food and beverage market in Shanghai is huge and growing  all the time according to two  entrepreneurs. Jake DeLois, who lives in Shanghai and his sister-in-law, Liz DeLois, who lives on Munjoy HIll, with her former chef husband.

Because of  a well-known lack of government oversight in the production of food and beverage, the residents of Shanghai are wary of the industries in their country. Lack of regulation has led to abuses  Beer lovers are  looking to the West for new and quality sources of  beer.  Consequently, there are sales opportunities in Shanghai and Hong Kong for Maine craft breweries that will dramatically improve their bottom lines. Jake and Liz are combining their considerable expertise and smarts to offer Maine craft beer breweries a once-in-a-lifetime  marketing opportunity. While many brewery owners know the market exists, they haven’t  the in-house expertise to pursue it – now the expertise is available!

Starting in January of 2016, craft beer clients of Liz’s, d/b/a  Edible Trading,  will be able to participate in a four-month  “incubation” program designed to showcase Maine craft beers. The “Elk Room”  will be a Maine inspired winter lodge where three course dinners will be served with beer pairings with each course.  This comprehensive incubation, “Render”  experience will take place in a 7,000 sq. ft. building leased by Jake in a section of Shanghai – the Former French Concession with a population of millions.  Jake will provide exposure and research for Maine craft beers they can’t provide for themselves. The parent company, The Edible Group, has been  providing  similar services in Shanghai and Hong Kong for Jake’s forty clients already benefiting from the expertise of Edible Group.

Liz is currently working with multiple local breweries looking to expand their sales into this explosive  craft beer industry. She works with clients in Portland to simplify what would otherwise be a complex and daunting road to Shanghai – navigating the import business to many thousands thirsty for a Maine craft beer – or  two!

What’s next –  wild Maine blue berries?

For more information, please contact Liz DeLois, Managing Director Edible Trading, at elizabeth@edibletrading.com